Popular brands of mobile slots

In this age of fast communication all the persons are accustomed with continuous movement performing multitasks while moving to schools, colleges, offices and even while having some entertainment or making love. So it is but natural that the demand of the people shall also encompass the field of casino gaming. This legitimate modern demand of the customers have been quickly dealt with by the experts of the field of science in cooperation with the corporate giants who are there to grab any opportunity of making quick money from the troubled water. The people who uses smart phones, tablets, etc. for chatting, whatsapping, checking emails, sending mails etc. while on move also prefer to play casino games too while on the move when the idle times are there.

Although all the online casino games have not been possible yet to be provided for playing in the mobiles nevertheless there are dozens of games available at the mobile casino web sites such as Mobile Slot. In many cases the versions that are available in the mobile casinos are much compact than their online casino web site versions of slots and other table games.


The first venture in the mobile casino gaming was started in the year 2005 by the sister concern of the Microgaming giant company named spin3. The pioneering mobile games of the company were Thunderstruck slots, Tomb Raider Slots and varieties of table gaming ranges. The offers of the company are ever increasing incorporating much more varieties of games in the scope of the mobile casino.


Recently the Microgaming had launched its newest sector of development named as “go” which supports HTML5 and multiple languages. The uniqueness of this new application lies in its cross platform facility. This means that with this new application, it is now possible to use one developed game in many mobile platforms. In this way both the iOS as well as the android users can now use the same access points for the slots of Microgaming.


International Game Technology is another company that has come up with its first mobile games casino in the year 2005. The company also followed the same route that was followed by the Microgaming in order to convert the popular online as well as land based casino house games into its mobile casino versions. You may play at Mobile Slot. Rainbow Riches, DaVinci Diamonds, Cleopetra are the few games that can be named which you can download from IGT.

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