Russian roulette song by Rihanna

Russian roulette is a song sung by Rihanna a Barbadian artist, it was released in 2009. The song was written and produced by American singer-songwriter Ne-Yo along with chuck harmony. Lyrically the song depicts about an abusive romantic relationship that ended abruptly.Russian Roulette Rihanna received positive reviews from music critics, and the fans just could not stop praising Rihanna’s vocal performance and the song’s lyrics, the song was a commercial success, and it also reached top-ten positions in sixteen other countries including Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand. Rihanna also performed the song in award functions and received appreciation and awards for the vocals of the song. Russian Cherry Casino roulette song was promoted with live performances at many functions including on the Nokia promotional concert and in the X factor UK sixth series.

Through Russian Roulette Rihanna received a lot of appreciation while the song also divided her fans owing to the negative side of the singer.  Some of her fans though the song was different and appreciated it while some found it creepy and did not like it. Some fans found it slower than her other songs and liked it. There are gun noises, firing bullet noises at the beginning and end of the some of the fans though it was violent. Majority of the fans appreciated the song as it was different form the regular songs that we listen. But overall Russian roulette Rihanna has a great connection with each other and they song definitely marked her presence and took her on the higher success levels and gave a boost to her fan following.

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