Russian roulette- the game of luck and pressure

Gambling at Roulette is the favourite past time of many gamblers. There are many variations in the game like European roulette, American roulette, and Russian roulette, in this article, I have presented an over view of this game. Russian roulette is probably the most dangerous gambling game you gamble with money as well as with one’s life. Russian roulette is played using a revolver, in this game the players puts a bullet in the gun’s cylinder and rotate it, one by one each player will fire the revolver on his or her head. You win if the bullet doesn’t get fired on your head and lose if you fire the bullet on your head. As there is a life risk associated in this game,it is prohibited by any nation.

This deadly game was originated in Russia; People who play this game might be suicidal or have a death wish. Some teenagers reportedly play this game to prove to their friends that they are brave and fearless. Russian roulette online version is also available; here you can experience the same pressure by omitting risks associated with it.

In the online version of the game is very similar, here the player chooses a “safe zone” and if you choose the safe zone correctly, they win the amount indicated. If they choose incorrectly, they lose the amount you have wagered. Here you will wager on the chance of your survival that is 50%, ultimately you will have 50% chance of being shot to death and lose the bet, hence if you do not wish to take up the risk, as of course it is the matter of your hard earned earnings, then the free version of the game is also available at the online casinos.

Russian roulette online can also be played for free without risking anything monetarily. In the online version of the lethal game the player pits himself against the computer to see who gets shoot with the revolver, loaded with a single bullet, and the other one lives. Definitely online Russian roulette is better, there are other variations of the Russian Roulette as a card game, as a drinking game etc. but if you do not want to risk anything but experience the death pressure then definitely give the online free Russian roulette a try.

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