Scenario of Sports Betting in Asia

Compared to other parts of the world, sports’ betting is quite huge in Asia, which contributes some billions of pounds every year. Here, there are a number of casino games played with bigger bets and huge benefits. Compared to the European counterparts, the bookmakers in Asia run on lower margins because of the massive stakes involved in the games. It is similar to high frequency trading where the players get more opportunities to win the game. As a result of huge popularity for sports betting in Asia, several bookmakers offer prices on almost every game.

Almost all the sporting events in Asia allow people to place bets. Asian Handicap is quite popular among all other sports as per the Asian sports betting sites review. What’s interesting about the game is it gives several chances to players to eliminate the ‘draw’ in a sports game. Asian handicap is most popular in football, while handicap is valid to sports like NHL and Hockey etc. With this kind of betting, a bookmaker can make a small margin besides balancing the odds.


Nowadays, the Asian market is showing more interest in the European gambling industry. Even the rules and regulations that have been a barrier to certain kinds of betting are now lifted. The popular agent systems are further bringing in high staking players and increasing awareness to the Western market by sponsoring premiership teams. However, these deals are mainly meant for the colossal Asian television market that offers most of the liquidity. While there are also some portals that have some western interfaces providing huge liquidity and good pricing to huge customer pool.

On the other hand, it is also believed that on most of the football games the prices are derived in Asia. In most of the cases, it is true and any change in price in Asia can be easily observed because of the huge bets, which are largely placed as they are the excellent price. Now that the interest on sports betting is increasing a lot in Europe, the best prices are also available for players, as well as betting syndicates. As more players are making way to the sports betting market in Asia, they can also expect to get advantage of the increasing liquidity for huge bets and price as well.