What to you prefer the Russian Roulette Death Game or Card Game?

Russian roulette is a dangerous game where the player puts a bullet into a revolver. Close it up without seeing where the bullet is, he/she aims the gun on the head of the other player, and pulls the trigger. If you live then you win. This game is generally played by people who wish to die or who love taking risks. The game is played with a single bullet is loaded into a gun, the chamber is spun, and the players take turns pointing the gun at their head and pulling the trigger until one of them blows their own brains out. It is an extremely crazy and deadly game but this game can also be played with cards, this is much safer than the one described earlier as there is no violence or death penalty involved.

The Russian roulette card game is simple, and is commonly played among family and friends, where the one who loses has to perform some task that is risky or funny. This game is purely luck based and is very exciting and unpredictable. The game can be played by ant player irrespective of their skill, experience it is purely luck based game, to play the game you do not require any special skill, comparing to the other online roulette games the game is most simple and best suitable for any age group.

The Russian roulette card game is played without any danger. In this game five normal numbers cards form any suit are picked, then a joker, or a royal card like jack, ace, king, queen is included into the five cards, this is the death card, this card cannot be a normal numbered cards as the death cards has to be different so that it can be easily distinguish from the rest of the cards. All the six cards are shuffled and then are placed up-side down on a table, then the players are asked to pick a card one by one and the player who pick the death card loses. It is important that after each player has chosen the cards the cards are shuffled before the other player turn. So if you want to test your luck then play the Russian roulette card game, as there are many ways, of experiencing the thrill, and definitely killing one-self is a bad idea, moreover if you lose you won’t be to prove that you are brave.

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